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We have our own professionals that can help you with your career choice; you can contact us or go directly to our office and talk to our consultants. In decades we are considered as a leading validated, non-critical, behavioral analysis that will emphasize an individual's strengths and capabilities in the work environment.

1. CV Presentation & Layout is very vital. Your CV must be easy to use as an interview document. Make sure that the information is in the right section, sequenced and all in one place. Placing your personal details separately, such in the beginning and at the end may indicate that you are trying to hide something. Logical sequencing of information is definitely important, no one like going back and forth just to go over an information again and unable to find it again.

2. CV must be accurate all the time. Use active words, and take note of what your CV is saying about you. Clearly identify how you use your skills within your CV. Make sure you use your CV to how you use the skill, in what context, why you feel you are a master at what you do, when you have made a significant contribution and who benefited from it.

3. Your CV content should be relevant. There is a great difference between selling and telling. Your employer doesn't want to know how your vacation went last summer, right?

4. Include personality in your CV, this will increase your chances of getting employed and soon success. Careful with what you are going to tell about yourself in your CV but always be honest and accurate. Be bold about saying your key qualities and make the CV presentable.

5. Is your CV effective enough? Be certain about your CV gearing towards the job target or field of work. Be mindful of the following: reflect on your business profile, image and salary level. Sell yourself but do not sound overconfident just reflect on your career potential.

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Westhill Consulting & Employment has many features that could help you find the right person for your job, including:

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  • high visibility of your jobs
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