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Registration is FREE and once registered you can:

  • Create up to three resumes and upload all of them
  • Use application tracker to keep track of your applications
  • Create a job match profile to discover jobs that is perfect for you

send email to enquiry@westhillconsulting-career.com and add on the subject: JOB SEEKER REGISTRATION Attached your pdf CV file and send.

A message will be sent in the email address that you provided once you completed the registration.

To register with us, agree on to our terms and conditions

  • You must be allowed by law to work (for example, meeting minimum age requirements in your state or territory) before you lodge a resume.
  • If any of your details change (for example, address, phone number and skills) you must update your details on Westhill Consulting & Employment of these changes within 24 hours
  • False misleading, offensive or unlawful information is not accepted. If you do, this information may not be displayed and may be removed from the system.

You may be declined future access to Westhill Consulting & Employment and, if appropriate, have your details given to appropriate authorities.

Employer Registration

Registered employers can advertise jobs and use our Find staff services free.

An automatic confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address to complete your registration.

Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence and appropriate action will be taken against you.

To register, please send us an email and write on the subject: EMPLOYER REGISTRATION Send email to enquiry@westhillconsulting-career.com

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