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Career Choice

We have our own professionals that can help you with your career choice; you can contact us or go directly to our office and talk to our consultants. In decades we are considered as a leading validated, non-critical, behavioral analysis that will emphasize an individual's strengths and capabilities in the work environment.

It will help you to:

  • Decide the right profession/job and get more from work
  • Build up self-esteem and confidence
  • Move forward and move up the career ladder
  • Make more money by developing personal strengths
  • Acquire self awareness and generate more the opportunity to change
  • Build a purpose to your work
  • Identify key and personal qualities and motivators
  • Intend a career objectives and goals
  • Bring about any required career changes and/or moves with confidence
  • Carry out and be an effective team member
  • Be connected with and welcome other people
  • Develop work relationships with the boss, colleagues, staff and clients

For job seekers

Westhill Consulting & Employment has a range of features to help you search for a job, including:

  • Free registration for all people who are seeking work
  • Jobs across all industries and regions of all the countries who are a member of Westhill Consulting & Employment
  • You can create your own personal page, where you can create a job match profile, upload your resume and use our instant job list to find jobs based on your skills and experience
  • You can find links to employment assistance and information for all job seekers.

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