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5 tips for changing careers



If you want a new career because you are tired of being a lawyer but still cant figure out what to do here is what you can do.

Are looking for a career change because the dismal legal job market left you feeling down?В  According to a recent Wall Street JournalВ article, your law degree can open more doors than you’d think. Here are five tips for switching careers if you’re a lawyer:


  1. The first thing you should do is to review your finances. В Consider doing a consulting work on the side while changing careers.В  An example is many law firms have a need for document reviewers.
  2. Know what motivates you. Evaluate your skills and passions.
  3. Assess your skills. В Nearly all lawyers have transferable skills, counting being highly analytical, persuasive and having an ability to multitask.В  Look for non-law jobs linked to your specialties.
  4. Keep learning. В Getting certified or seeking professional development from personal and industry mentors can make you more competitive for jobs.
  5. Volunteer. Volunteering can lead to valuable life experiences and job leads.