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How to Tell Legitimate Work at Home Jobs From Scams


Avoid scams by following these tips.


  • Use common sense.В  Assess!В  Consider the logic of an opportunity from the other side.В  Think about this, if they are paying you so much for so little work, how would the promoters of the opportunity make money?В  Moreover if a company’s marketing tactic is mainly based on coming out legitimate, that is probably because it is tendering a work at home scam…or at the very least a poor money-making opportunity.В  So remember this, any job that promotes itself inВ search engine adsВ as a “legitimate work at home job” almost certainly notВ legit.


  • Do your homework.В Sending money to any organization without thoroughly checking it out is most certainly wrong!В  Always remember that legitimate companies do not charge job applicants and that business opportunities are never risk-free


  • Know how to spot the work at home scam.В One very complicated trick is a scam technique that sets up a whole website dedicated to revealing work at home scams and then funnel people to the few “legitimate” work at home jobs which those are not legitimate of course.


  • Know theВ typical work at home scams.В Scammers are always developing new schemes, and work-at-home scammers are no different.В  Below are some that you must avoid.
    • Direct Sales or multilevel marketing (MLM)
    • Pyramid SchemesВ – Always avoid!
    • Business start-up kits
    • Anything involving cashing checks/wiring money – Always avoid!
    • Home assembly/envelope stuffing – Always avoid!
    • Becoming a product re-seller or wholesaler
    • Stock trading systems – Always avoid!
    • Directories of telecommuting jobs or businesses
    • Taking online surveys
    • Mystery shopping
    • Data entry/call centers (Some are legit but, the lure of these jobs is used to sell bogus start-up kits and other scams.)


websites.В  Remember that legit companies are looking for legit work home jobs and just like any other employer, are looking for qualified, reliable people to do the work.В  Screening applicants is a time-consuming procedure so therefore those casting a wide net by using Google or search engine ads may not be legitimate.


  • Don’t pay for opportunities.В Employers don’t charge employees to work for them, you have got to remember that!В  And those scams posing as “legitimate business opportunities” will ask for money.В  Businesses are expected to have start-up costs nonetheless true businesses are normally not simple exchanges of unskilled labor for payment, as in home assembly and envelope-stuffing schemes.


  • Report scams.В Report immediately if you suspect that you have been scammed.В  If you’ve given out financial information contact your bank at once. В And report it to your state’sВ attorney generalВ or any number of other authorities.

How to Determine the Right Career for You

Determine the Right Career for You


Love what you do.  This is one of the secrets in order to become successful.  It isn’t a perfect career if what it does is simply an answer to your needs and wants but it must also be something that you are passionate about.  Find your perfect career in three easy steps.


  • Know what your dream is


Picture yourself in the future, what are you doing by then?В  What is it that you want to become?В  And most especially, what is the thing that you love doing the most?В  Your answers will help you land on the industry and job types that fit you the most.


Determine your strengths and skills.  Think and process things on your mind many times so you’ll figure out where you can put your best career qualities to good use.  Note all your accomplishments that may be able to help you improve your profile.  Aside from this will lead you to your perfect career and dream job, it will also boost your confidence.


Research on careers that can identify to the things that you love doing; this will help you on decision making.В  You have the choice to either take a free career test or consult a career chart that you can find in many career websites.В  And you can also find a wealth of information, from description of positions to salary range in these career websites.


  • Discover all the possibilities.


Find job openings that suit your interests.В  Do not limit your job search to newspaper ads and online jobs databases and job fairs and networking events will also help.В  There are also unpopular ways of getting job prospects but it will be also as effective as the traditional ones, if not more.


  • Conquer the hurdles.


The most obvious hurdles that you need to face during your job search are: maybe you have the record of a job hopper, or maybe you have always wanted to be in a career that does not fit your current skills.


It will be impossible to cover up career inconsistencies in a resume so you must prepare your answers to job interview questions.В  Of course the recruiters would want to know the reasons behind those and you are left with no choice but answer them in the most honest way.В  These will leave a bad impression so to avoid that twist the negative statement into a positive one.В  Saying that you view these setbacks as a learning experience and that you have grown stronger as a professional since the career disaster happened will help for sure.



Make Your Hobby a Money-Making Career

Who doesn’t like to do what they love doing and at the same time earn money from it.  Some people may find it impossible and disagree but believe that it can happen.

You can actually make this happen, it is very possible to make money as a photographer, a writer, a crafter, or whatever it is that you enjoy.

All you got to do is start thinking like an entrepreneur and turn your hobby into a different light.

Below are some advices that can help you move towards money making while actually doing what you enjoy.

Look at things differently.

If what you are creating now isn’t exactly what the people are looking for or something they would pay for, think of ideas and create a similar product or use your skills in a slightly different way, one that is more marketable.

OneВ people will pay for.

In one case for instance, you are very passionate about taking photos of flowers but who would want to buy them, but people might pay you to take portraits of them, their children or perhaps a wedding.

You love writing poetry but you cannot earn a paycheck for it but small businesses will perhaps hire you to write creative copy for their website.

There are marketable sides in your hobby just try to figure it out and be creative.

В Be flexible.

As soon as you are aware of how the hobby could earn you a paycheck next step is you have to be willing to practice your skill in that way.

Selling out is out of the question but figuring out how to make a living doing what you love.

Even if shooting wedding photos is not really your true passion but photographing flowers, you might have to consider it once in a while.

And while this is all happening, you making money out of covering wedding photos, you got to improve your skills and broaden your network in the course then you can work toward finding or creating an audience for your flower photographs.

It doesn’t mean that making money from your hobby will never bore you some time so it is better to be flexible and give a little to be able to get a lot back.

Be willing to sell.

Money will not come to you unless you sell your products and yourself as well.

So if you have doubts and not willing to do it then do not pursue the dream and leave it once.

Some people do not enjoy selling more especially those who consider themselves as artists or creative but it is definitely important component to making a living off your hobby.В  Remember you can not rely to anyone because no one is going to do this for you.

Stop feeling guilty and learn to sell yourself.

No one is going to hate you for trying to make money as long as you do this in a very decent way.

People will actually going to respect and admire you for thinking outside the box.

Get out there and promote.

Simple logic, no one will buy from you if in the first place they were not informed about your product and what you had to offer.

You need to spend time in promotion.

The most practical, cheapest, modern and most popular way to promote yourself is trough growing a blog.

It would be very helpful to show your value so people actually want to pay you for whatever you offer, without you having to beg them.

It will be more excellent if you provide great value online, it will display quickly because blog posts are easy to share, and you’ll benefit from search engine traffic, too.

Don’t make the mistake of hosting your blog on a site that’s different from where you’re selling if you’re blogging to turn your hobby into a living.

People who come to your blog via search or social sharing will also see your paid work and hopefully convert into buyers if you sell in the same place where youВ offer free information.

Remember word of mouth is very powerful.

Figure out how to scale.

 The problem with a lot of hobbies is they aren’t easily scalable.

Teach other people to do certain parts of the job so you can complete jobs more productively and without sacrificing quality

Grow a team of people to help so you can take on more clients while continuing to deliver high-quality work

we often want to do everything ourselves when it comes to a passion project so the tendency is В it will be a bit difficult to figure out what someone else can do for you.

However eventually you’ll likely identify ways other great people can help, so you can grow.

If you totally can’t cipher out how to scale, aspire to charge more for your services over time.

Putting more time on promotion will help you achieve this goal, since the more you and your work are in demand, the more you can increase your prices.

You just have to be creative about how you bring in the cash from your hobby.


How to Become Happy at Work

A meaningful career equals a meaningful life.В  Many people go to work every single day even if they do not like their jobs but they still go anyway.В  It strongly affects your entire life trough destructive feelings and as a consequence it can give a negative wall between family, friends and many of their other activities.В  There are many reasons why one is anxious of leaving his job maybe because he fears change or he is afraid of leaving the security of a paycheck although there are also hundreds of reasons why one could be dissatisfied but still staying for their current job.Life doesn’t end there, we always have a choice and we can choose a better way to live your life and a purposeful career.В  Add excitement in your life and this can give a meaning in your life that can be your driving force to strive harder.В  Live your dream, live your passion and learn to love your career. 

To be able to do this you must start by analyzing you self, reassess and prioritize.В  Know what matters to you, your likes and dislikes, what is exactly the matter with your current job that you dislike and how you will be able to fix it, know your passion, secret desires and lastly what is it that you want to achieve in life.


This is the start where you can find insights in life once you figure out what were stressed earlier.


Make use of your genius and talent.  We all have our natural talent and abilities, utilize them and go on your way to success.  True happiness and joy comes from within by combining your natural talents and interests, growing & excelling in them, and working in a field, job or industry, which you have a passionate interest in.  You are enjoying at the same time earning.  Nothing beats the feeling when you are working but it doesn’t feel like a job.


If others can do it so you can do it as well and even better.В  All will start at accepting that you can!В  Set your mind that you can do it and everything that you want will be achieved in no time.В  The secret is being and staying positive, think positive and everything else will follow smoothly.В  The feeling of being successful has to come first from your inner self, IN YOU!

Dos and Don’ts during Interview


  • Dress smartly, look bright and attentive, and speak clearly and confidently. Don’t forget that in the first few minutes only 7% of the interviewer’s opinion of you is formed by what you say – the rest is judged on how you look, act and sound
  • find out where the venue is beforehand, how to get there and how long it takes
  • get your outfit ready the night before
  • find out what kind of interview it will be so you can prepare
  • examine the person specification and your CV/application form, and think about what type of questions they will ask you
  • Prepare answers for the main questions – for example, why do you want the job, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what are the main tasks in this job?
  • make about three or four points in each answer
  • quote real examples of when you’ve used certain skills – just saying you’ve got a skill isn’t enough
  • take your time when answering the questions: make sure you understand the question and take your time if you need to think
  • Sell yourself: no one else is going to! Be positive about yourself and your experiences
  • Prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview – use it as an opportunity to find out more about the role and the company. (Don’t ask about money or perks just yet!)
  • when discussing salary, know your market worth and start by quoting a little higher than this
  • get feedback on your performance, whether you were successful or not
  • turn off your mobile phone: treat the interviewers with respect and give them your undivided attention
  • keep your answers focused on what you can do for the employer, not what they can do for you




  • don’t be late
  • don’t swear or use slang words
  • don’t slouch in your seat or do anything that makes you look uninterested
  • don’t smoke
  • Don’t lie: the interviewer may see through you. Even if you get the job, your employer can dismiss you if they find out that you have not been honest
  • Don’t let your nerves show too much; a few nerves are normal but extreme nerves will affect your performance. Use breathing techniques and try to remember that it’s not a life and death situation – there are plenty of jobs out there!
  • Don’t be arrogant and assume you’ve got the job. Nothing turns off employers more than someone who is disrespectful and over-confident
  • don’t discuss controversial topics such as religion, politics and gender relations
  • don’t read from notes or your CV — you should be familiar enough with your own history to be able to talk about it unprompted
  • Don’t criticize former employers or colleagues. Interviewers may mark you down as a troublemaker and a gossip
  • Don’t argue with the interviewer, no matter what. Remember to keep things positive!


Source: National Career Service

Job Hunting Tips

Consider your network first; try asking relatives, friends, professors, classmates, co-workers at summer jobs, and others.В  Meet new people and take the opportunity of using the conversation to ask them and make them aware that you are in a job search.В  Learn about their jobs or their organizations, and to get the names of others who might be useful in your job search.Your resume is very important.В  Make you resume is easy to read and the most important details stand out.В  Be certain to distribute it to employers, yes apply for more than one industry, you like to work for.

Being prepared all the time can take you far, make sure to have a copy of your resume at all time but always be certain that your resume is always updated.В  You will never know if you will be called for a last minute interview.

Have a habit of updating your database daily.  Take note of all the employers you contact, the date you sent your résumé, any contact made, people you talk to, and notes about those contacts.  Take note of opportunities as soon as you hear them; better keep a notepad at all times.  Also a “to do” list can help so that you can organize your list of priorities and keep you focused on finding that perfect job.

A company always helps; a friend who is in a job search too can help you. В Arrange to speak weekly and report on accomplishments, best practices, and future plans.

Be updated to all there is about employers in your field, read trade journals or professional publications, and read the newspaper.В  It is very impressive during an interview if you know about the latest merger or coup in the industry.

Practice for each interview, practice makes perfect!В  Be prepared and you can nail it for sure!В  And do not ever miss an opportunity, as soon as you here about an opening go ahead and call at once.

Stay confident, this is very important, interviewer can sense if you are nervous and you lack confidence that could make you fail the interview.В  Job hunting could be very tiring and it sure to take your time and energy.В  Remain confident, but prepare yourself for challenges ahead and do not over do it.В  Don’t get disgruntled if you are still looking for a job and it seems like everyone you know has an offer.

Resume writing tips

There are hundreds of people that send out their resume every hour, so how can you make yours stand out from the manager’s pile?

Use the standard font, who would take a funny font seriously, or who would font that could hurt your eyes.   Fonts such as Times New Roman and Georgia are your best bets for making it readable, as well as a 10- to 12-point size.  Don’t try to impress them with overwhelming fonts, HR reps just wants a resume they can read and that captures the skill sets they are looking for.  Arial and Tahoma are also accepted.  Using other font can make your resume looking sloppy, disorganized, crowded and informal.  If applying as a creative position such a graphic design, your resume is expected to be creative.

Keep important points at the top, most hiring manager are scanning your resume quickly and may concentrate mainly on the top half.В  Emphasize your most significant skills and experience first and then work your way down to other relevant information. The following resume subheadings could be included: Contact Info, Summary of Core Qualifications, Relevant Work Experience, Relevant Volunteer and Other Experience, Education and Honors & Awards.

Remember that resume also speaks about your personality as well as it showcase your experience and skills so do not be stiff and show them what you got.В  Speak with confidence and ease when describing your accomplishments.В  A boring document is uninteresting, try to come across as friendly and open, professional but personable, and super-knowledgeable in your field to add depth.

Clean up your resume regularly, if you can make it a page, better.В В  Make sure that there are no grammatical and typo errors.В  A single error could make your resume sit in the trash.В  Review your resume regularly to make sure to make changes on the updates needed.В  Outdated resume can take away your chances of getting hired.В  Sending in a clean resume that gets straight to the point will be your best bet at landing the interview because like said earlier, they only scan a quick look and a clean resume is a big plus.