Three Tips For Writing A Professional Marketing Resume

getting-startedAre you searching for a job in the marketing field? Well, in a competitive environment such as the marketing agency industry right now, you will need to have a resume that demonstrates the utmost and professionalism in order to make it past the resume submission stage and onto the interviews.

Here are three critical tips to keep in mind when creating your resume for a marketing job:

1 – Use a format that is eye-catching but not distracting.

While your resume should be formatted in such a way that it is interesting to look at and draws attention, it should not be overly designed. This is not a place to show off your graphic design prowess at the expense of professionalism. Clean and clear will trump experimental every single time when it comes to resume formatting.

2 – Focus on measurable accomplishments.

Marketing is, at its heart, a numbers game. When you talk about the things that you’ve done at other jobs, don’t just described the projects that you have either participated in or headed up. Talk about cold, hard facts. What percentage of market share did your company gain as a result of your efforts? How many new customers? How many leads?

3 – Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

A large part of a marketing job is writing, whether it is blog posts, press releases, or even social media status updates. The company that you are interviewing with needs to trust that you have a strong grasp of grammar and spelling, and that you care enough to double check.

By utilizing these three tips, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to be called in for an interview for the marketing job of your dreams. At that point, all that is left to do is dazzle them in person!

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