Great Part Time Jobs For Retired People

If you’re retired, you’re living on a fixed income, that is unless you have a part time job that helps you to earn a few extra dollars on a monthly basis. Here we’ve gathered together some great part time jobs for retired people.

Campsite Host

If you have an RV and enjoy camping, you may wish to look into this option. You can enjoy your favorite pastime and get some camping in without a lot of effort.

Your responsibilities will be to assist campers looking for services, sell firewood (in some of the camp areas) and look after the camping area.

Retail Greeter

Many retail stores want to have someone at the front door that greets the customers. This person will simply welcome you to the store and if you need something specific you may ask them and they can usually point you in the right direction.BN-IZ553_GREET0_J_20150618142357

Depending on the store your responsibilities may vary widely. It will all be dependent upon which retail shop you’re working in.

Tour Guide

If you have a favorite place you’ve visited on and off throughout your life, you may enjoy being a tour guide for that area.

Consider museums, historical sites, lighthouses, wineries, caves and so on. You’ll earn at least minimum wage, meet new people, get some walking exercise and have an opportunity to show off some of your knowledge.

Volunteer Positions

Many volunteer positions will lead to a part time job as well. Consider these as options when you’re seeking a part-time job.

Ask at places that you already volunteer or that you know use volunteers, you may find that they have paid positions for the same types of jobs if you have had enough experience.

Now that you know a few places where you can find great part time jobs for retired people, you can earn a few extra dollars each month to spend wherever you like.

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