How to Screen a Potential Roommate for Suitability

Most people would prefer to live alone, but in cities where rental rates are sky-high, it is practical to have roommates. Before you open your door and allow someone to move into your residence, make sure that you screen them well.

You should always ask them about the type of work they do and the schedule they keep. Not only will this help you verify their ability to make rent each month, but you will know when it is likely they will and will not be home. Not only should you ask about their employment, but you should call the company and verify this information.

Ask them if they smoke, drink or do any drugs. While some people may be dishonest as far as the last part goes, some people will be entirely forthcoming. You do not want to be in a home with someone who will frequently be under the influence and the cause of a ton of conflict, so make sure that you do not forget to ask about this.

Always ask for enough information to be used for a background check. This may seem excessive, but do you want a stranger moving into your home and you have no idea if you will be in danger at some point? Taking that extra step means that you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you will be safe.

Having a roommate is something that some people don’t prefer, yet it is a necessity. The best way to handle this situation and end up living with a suitable person would be to screen them. Make sure that you remember to follow all of the advice here if you want to increase your chances of a positive outcome.